Biden Strategists Ask He Talk About Anything Other Than What He’s ‘Accomplished’

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Biden’s putrid approval ratings and insistence on fighting culture wars instead of inflation has forced his debate preparation team to work on other angles for the president to talk about during Thursday’s debate.

Expect the president of the United States to not talk about anything he’s accomplished and instead just call Trump a felon over and over again.

There’s a reason why debate rules were rigged to help the Democrat.

CNN reports that Biden‘s advisers have essentially admitted that the president’s first term has accomplished little on the issues that resonate with the American public, so they’re pushing Biden toward pounding the table.

Several top Democrats have issued stark warnings to President Joe Biden’s camp, urging them to spend more time going directly after former President Donald Trump and less time – if any – pointing to the president’s policy record.

“He wants the credit, but it’s not working,” one top Democrat, who recently shared these concerns with the campaign, said of Biden. “He needs to stop.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations with the campaign, four sources close to the White House said they’ve urged the Biden camp to go on offense on the economy, using the time on the debate stage to challenge Trump’s cozy relationship with corporate America and the inflationary nature of his proposed policies. Biden and Trump square off in the first presidential debate at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday live on CNN.

The behind-the-scenes warnings echo concerns raised by Biden’s longtime aide, Ron Klain, Biden’s first chief of staff who is also prepping the president for Thursday’s debate in lasagna-fueled sessions at Camp David. Earlier this year, Klain reportedly remarked to a private crowd that Biden was spending too much time praising bridges that were being built instead of connecting with voters. The White House at the time denied that Klain’s views were a departure from their strategy.

Early in 2023, Ronald Klain jumped ship just as the Republicans took the House and investigations into the alleged corruption by the Biden Family had begun to take off. 

The latest sign that Joe Biden is one of the least-liked presidents in American history came from New York, a state that Democrats have dominated for decades.

A recent poll revealed that the president’s approval rating has hit rock bottom in the Empire State, according to Fox News.

“The survey of registered voters in New York showed Biden’s job approval rating at 45% approve to 53% disapprove, and his favorability underwater at 42% favorable to 53% unfavorable, his lowest numbers yet recorded by Siena College.”

Longtime Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf told the news channel that the survey should be ringing alarm bells with Democrats.

“What it tells you is that people are generally dissatisfied,” Sheinkopf told Fox News Digital in an interview Friday. “We’re now under five months away from the election. They’re not happy about taxes. They’re not happy about crime. They’re not happy about the state of disorder. And generally, when there is disorder, the out party tends to benefit, whether it be Republicans or Democrats.” 

On Monday, rather than discussing the issues that people care about, Biden and Kamala Harris both continued their party’s obsession with abortion.

The president and vice president were both called out for lying about Trump’s stance on the issue, especially by David Sacks, a Silicon Valley investor who recently discussed the topic with the former president.

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