REPORT: Bannon May be Headed for Riker’s Island

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Steve Bannon, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

CNN is now reporting that former key Trump advisor and 2016 campaign manager Steve Bannon will not be spending his four months in a federal jail known as “Club Fed,” which has minimum security.

The podcast host and former advisor to Donald Trump was found guilty of contempt of Congress on January 6th, after he refused to comply with a subpoena from the House select committee.

Bannon was given an order by a judge last week to report to prison on July 1 in order to serve his time.

As it happens, the prison will be located in Danbury, Connecticut, at the Federal Correctional Institution.

Rather than being a minimum-security prison, or a “Club Fed,” as minimum-security establishments are commonly referred to, the facility is a low-security jail.

On Monday night, Katelyn Polantz of CNN broke the story and made an appearance on OutFront.

“Katelyn, I mean, this is a significant developmen. Not at all what Bannon was hoping for, or frankly, seemed to be expecting?” CNN host Erin Brunett asked.

“No, not at all what Steve Bannon was wanting here. He had expected – and his lawyers had expected – that, he’s non-violent, he had not had any prior convictions. And so, maybe he would go to a prison camp, very minimal security in the federal system. That’s not what’s happening.” Polantz said in response.

“So, he’s behind The Wall, is what they call it. It’s different than a camp. It has more confines for the inmates that are kept there. Also, violent offenders can be kept in a low-security prison like the one Bannon is going to be reporting to in just a couple weeks in Danbury, Connecticut.” she added.

She continued by saying that the fact that Bannon is scheduled to go on trial in September on charges of scamming donors as part of his We Build The Wall campaign is complicating things.

Bannon was cleared of all federal charges in the case by Trump’s pardon. Presidents are unable to pardon anyone who are accused by the state, nevertheless.

Bannon would very possibly be moved to the notorious Rikers Island prison while he is on trial, according to Polantz.

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