Barack Obama Tries To Save Joe Biden Again

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In March, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, during a star-studded event, tried to ride to Joe Biden’s rescue in New York City, hosting a massive fundraiser with a “who’s who” of Hollywood in attendance.

New Conservative Post wrote that four presidents were in New York City over the weekend. While Donald Trump attended the wake of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller killed in the line of duty, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton partied it up at a swank megadonor fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall.

NBC News detailed the event, writing that “former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton participated in the event in New York with more than 5,000 supporters in attendance — including several protesters who interrupted the program when the three presidents were speaking.

Although the media did not have an invitation to the “grassroots” fundraiser filled with a who’s who of Hollywood, DNC National Chairman Jaime Harrison tweeted out that he was having the time of his life: 

Although the event was disrupted by the pro-Hamas wing of the Democratic Party, the event ended up raising tens of millions for the president’s reelection campaign.

Over the weekend, Obama once again held an event hoping to save his former vice president.

White House residents and Hollywood megastars shared the stage inside Los Angeles’ Peacock Theater on Saturday night for what turned out to be a record-setting Democratic fundraising haul as President Biden‘s reelection campaign netted a historic $28 million from the one-night-only event, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I could have done nothing and done better than him,” Biden said at the top of the conversation, during which much attention was paid to the incumbent’s victories in passing legislation, boosting the economy, creating jobs and erasing millions of student loan debt. “We’re trying to give ordinary people a chance, just a chance.”

Obama was the one who took aim at Trump’s felony convictions.

“Look, part of what has happened in the last several years is we’ve normalized behavior that used to be disqualified,” he said. “The other spectacle of the nominee of one of the two major parties is sitting in court and being convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts. You have his foundation, it’s not allowed to operate because it was engaging in monkey business and not actually philanthropic. You had this organization being prosecuted for not paying taxes. There was a time when we had certain core values that we agreed with. We believed in basic honesty. We believed in paying your taxes. We believed in making sure that we didn’t make fun of [prisoners of war], that we did not try to politicize our military, that we respected the ballot.”

Obama went on to say that Biden has stood for many of those values and he continues to do so. He also complimented the work that his one-time vice president has done during his White House tenure. “At its best, the presidency is a relay race. You take the baton and you run the race and then hand it to your successor. I take great pride in what the Biden administration has accomplished,” he said. “It’s a reminder that we don’t have to just vote against something in this election. We have so many things to worry about and there’s a whole agenda that we should be concerned about, but we can take pride in affirming the extraordinary work that Joe has done.”

In a bizarre move, the Biden campaign posted a strange picture of the current president on Twitter, which led commentators to point out that Biden does not look well.

In a shocking seen that has since gone viral, Joe Biden also appeared to freeze on stage, needing Barack Obama to lead him off at the end of the fundraiser.

The president attended the fundraiser just days after spending time in Europe to attend a G7 summit. Other world leaders expressed surprise at the president’s deteriorating state and, at times, needed to guide the president for photos after he appeared to get confused.  

According to reports, one diplomatic insider said the president is “the worst he has ever been.”

Biden continues to trail former President Donald Trump in many major demographics.

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