Speaker Mike Johnson Slams Lack of Arrests After Violent Anti-Israel Rally Outside White House

[Photo Credit: Office of Speaker Mike Johnson]

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) criticized the absence of arrests in connection with the violent protest that took place near the White House over the weekend on Wednesday.

He also called on President Joe Biden to reduce military aid to Israel and to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza war against Hamas.

During a press conference, the Louisiana Republican responded to the demonstration that desecrated Lafayette Park and a protest in New York that was widely condemned outside of an exhibit commemorating the victims of the fatal Hamas attack on Israel last October.

“Outside a New York memorial for October 7th victims, shamefully, protesters chanted ‘Long live the Intifada,’ and outside the White House, vandals and apparently aspiring Hamas members chanted ‘Hezbollah, Hezbollah!’ and ‘Kill another Zionist now,’” Johnson remarked.

“Yeah, that happened in Lafayette Park. Plain and simple, it’s dangerous behavior and it’s disgusting that the Metro PD didn’t arrest anyone.” he added.

According to a new report, the Secret Service, D.C. police, and U.S. Park Police detained no one in connection with the D.C. protest.

According to the police, they attempted to apprehend a single individual who had scaled a statue; however, the individual evaded capture after the crowd intervened and the officers used pepper spray.

Images of the statues in Lafayette Park being defaced with spray paint, including messages such as “Free Gaza,” have elicited outrage and prompted call for a response from law enforcement.

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