Legal Analyst at Newsnation Predicts Hunter Biden Will be Found Guilty

[Photo Credit: By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call -, Public Domain,]

One legal analyst reportedly anticipates that Hunter Biden’s federal firearms trial in Delaware is headed for a conviction a week into the proceedings.

The 54-year-old son of the president, Biden, is accused of falsifying documents when he purchased a pistol in 2018 on the grounds that he denied being a drug addict.

“Here’s the deal, there’s a strong chance that Hunter Biden will be convicted,” NewsNation legal contributor Jesse Weber  said during a recent appearance this week.

“This is a really straightforward case,” he continued.

The defense is anticipated to present members of the Biden family as the trial advances, following the conclusion of the prosecution’s case on Friday.

Hunter Biden’s willingness to testify in his defense remains uncertain.

Hunter Biden’s illegal drug abuse has been the subject of testimony for jurors thus far.

He has been candid about his battles with substance addiction and has published a memoir in 2021 that delves into his turbulent past.

Hallie Biden also testified that Hunter Biden introduced her to crack cocaine during their relationship.

Some observers have speculated that President Biden may seek to pardon his son after the November election, so it could be several months before Hunter Biden is sentenced if convicted.

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