Musician John Legend Claims Black Voters Fleeing Biden Because He is Too Effeminate

[Photo Credit: By PopTech from Camden, Maine and Brooklyn, NY, USA - John Legend - PopTech 2010 - Camden, Maine, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

John Legend, a liberal activist and musician, reportedly stated that young black and Latino male voters are abandoning President Joe Biden due to the allure of former President Donald Trump’s interpretation of “masculinity” to certain men.

During an interview with the “Pod Save America” podcast, which is hosted by several former aides to former President Barack Obama, the 45-year-old singer expressed his belief that Biden should be the next president.

He also acknowledged that the Biden campaign will need to address the fact that Trump is losing the support of black and Latino young male voters.

“Well, I think Trump performs a form of masculinity that I think is attractive to some people. To be clear, black men, even an uptick for Trump, is still a landslide for Biden. … But there is an uptick and that uptick, it may be enough to win Wisconsin or it may be enough to win Michigan.” Legend said

“And so, it’s an issue that the campaign is going to have to deal with. But I do think Trump performs a form of masculinity that is appealing to some men, black, white, hispanic, across the board, and that may explain the uptick.” he continued.

The “Voice” coach also asserted that there is a significant amount of “disinformation” circulating regarding the economy, which he suggested is advantageous to Trump.

“I hear a lot of misinformation and disinformation about the economy under Trump and what’s happened since. To be clear, the economy is doing quite well,” Legend concluded.

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