New Poll Shows Most Democrats Approve of Replacing Biden

[Photo Credit: By Office of Public Affairs from Washington DC - 2024 National Peace Officers' Memorial Service - 032, CC BY 2.0,]

A recent poll revealed that the majority of Democrats are in favor of replacing President Joe Biden with another candidate in advance of the 2024 presidential election.

The Rasmussen poll, which was conducted from May 20th to 22nd, revealed that 54% of Democrats believe it is permissible for another candidate to supplant Biden as the Democratic nominee.

The poll was conducted among 1,113 likely voters. 49 percent of all prospective voters indicate that they are in favor of the Democrats replacing Biden with another candidate, while 43 percent of Republicans concur.

Nevertheless, Democrats did not believe that it was likely that Biden would be replaced. Only 38 percent of Democrats believed it was probable, while 57 percent did not.

The results indicate a change from February, when 47% of likely voters expressed their belief that the Democratic Party would supplant Biden with a different candidate as their presidential nominee.

Additionally, Democrats were inquired as to whether they believed that a variety of candidates would be superior to Biden.

17 percent of the respondents believed that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a superior candidate to Biden, while 21 percent and 11 percent of the respondents agreed with this assessment of former First Lady Michelle Obama and former candidate Hillary Clinton, respectively.

Only eight percent of respondents indicated that California Governor Gavin Newsom would be a superior candidate, while five percent suggested that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer would be a more suitable candidate. With 31% of the vote, “None of them” emerged victorious.

The poll figures are released as Biden’s support for his November election against former President Donald Trump appears to be diminishing.

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