GOP Controlled House Passes New Bill to Prevent Biden from Cutting Off Aide to Israel

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A new bill was passed by the House of Representatives, which is headed by the Republicans, on Thursday.

The bill urges the Biden administration to refrain from withholding arms from Israel, a U.S. ally that is engaged in combat with Hamas, an organization backed by Iran, in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in October of last year.

224 legislators expressed support for the “Israel Security Assistance Support Act,” a bill that has been threatened with a veto by President Joe Biden.

The legislation was opposed by a total of 187 members, 184 of which were Democrats and three Republicans.

A total of nineteen legislators abstained from casting ballots.

Despite the urging of House Democrat leaders and their caucus members to oppose the legislation, sixteen Democrats defected and joined 208 Republicans in support of its advancement to the Senate.

The bill was introduced by a faction of House Republicans over the weekend, subsequent to Biden’s suspension of 3,500 large weapon deliveries to Israel in opposition to a comprehensive ground operation in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza.

Subsequently, Biden has advanced the shipment of additional armaments to Israel.

The legislation advocates for the prompt provision of defense goods and services to Israel, among other objectives.

Additionally, until delivery is confirmed, it requests that funds not be transferred to the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, or National Security Council.

The billl was moved forward, in large part, by Speaker Mike Johnson, who has made championing the interests of Israel a key plank of his tenure as speaker.

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