Michael Moore Sends Out Dire Warning Over Biden’s Re-Election Prospects

[Photo Credit: By David Shankbone - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16476176]

Michael Moore, a left-leaning filmmaker who foretold the 2016 victory of former President Donald Trump, stated this week that Joe Biden’s support for Israel in 2024 could cost him the presidency.

Moore stated he wanted to convey a message to the president during an interview on CNN, following anchor Kaitlan Collins’ reference to her network’s poll indicating that 81% of U.S. adults under the age of 36 disapprove of Biden’s handling of Israel’s conflict against Hamas in Gaza.

Moore, a native of Michigan, was making reference to the manner in which protests against Biden’s position on Israel occurred in the state with a significant Arab American population, where over 100,000 Democrats voted “uncommitted” in the primary.

“I wanted to say this on your show tonight that his chance of not being re-elected, I think, at this point, is so great, because of those numbers. Because he’s losing the youth vote. He’s lost the Arab American vote in Michigan,” Moore said.

“If you’re listening — watching Mr. Biden, fellow Catholic, although some will say recovering, in my case, but still, we are Catholics. And the Pope is right on this. We need an immediate ceasefire.” Moore continued.

Biden has criticized Israel’s approach to the war against Hamas, despite facing opposition from the Democratic Party’s left wing, including houses “Squad” members.

He has also advocated for increasing aid to Israel and proclaimed “ironclad” support for the mideast nation.

“We’re going to lose the election. We’re going to lose Michigan, if we don’t turn this around. And President Biden isn’t turning this around. That is going to do more to put Trump back in the White House. And I refuse to have Donald Trump back in the White House.” Moore concluded.

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