Pro-Hamas Protestors Set Up Encampment at Harvard After Students are Suspended

[Photo Credit: By Carmen Esparza Amoux - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

The Palestine Solidarity Committee at Harvard University was prohibited from participating in campus activities do to their aggressive anti-semitism.

In response, they established a “Gaza solidarity encampment” as an act of defiance against the school administration, pushing the confrontation to the next level.

The verified X account for National Students for Justice in Palestine posted a video showing student protesters gathering in large numbers in Harvard Yard, which had been cordoned off in preparation for the protests that occurred over the weekend.

As of Monday, The Harvard Crimson reported that the group has been instructed to stop all organizational efforts for the rest of the Spring 2024 term. Students who disobeyed this instruction were allegedly warned of potential expulsion.

“The organization will not be recognized and will not have access to university benefits and services during this time, including but not limited to use of campus space and appropriate use of the Harvard name,” the email read.

“If the organization continues to operate and commits additional violations during this suspension, the organization risks permanent expulsion, as provided in the Resource Guide.” it continued.

Many pro-Gaza encampment have sprouted up on university campuses in recent days, with critics calling for them to be removed by the national guard if local authorities refuse to act.

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