Arizona Legislature Passes New Bill Repealing 19th Century Abortion Ban

[Photo Credit: By David Jiang - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

The Arizona state House reportedly voted on Wednesday to revoke the 160-year-old abortion prohibition that is scheduled to be implemented following the state’s Supreme Court’s affirmation of the legislation that safeguards unborn infants by prohibiting almost all abortions.

According to AZ Central, three Republicans, namely Reps. Matt Gress, Justin Wilmeth, and Tim Dunn, voted in favor of the proposal together with 29 Democrats.

The vote resulted in a 32-28 majority in favor of advancing the law. Republican Rep. Barbara Parker vehemently advocated for her colleagues to vote against the repeal, asserting that although detractors of the legislation label it as “archaic,” revoking it will regress the state and fail to prioritize the sanctity of unborn children’s lives.

Following the passage of the repeal, Rep. Gress proposed that the bill be forwarded to the state Senate without any changes, with the intention of expediting its arrival on the desk of the Democratic governor, as reported by AZ Central.

Subsequent to the vote, House Speaker Ben Toma expelled Gress and Democratic Rep. Oscar De Los Santos from a crucial budget committee.

After the repeal was passed by the state House, the Arizona Senate needs to take action and send the legislation to Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ desk.

If the 1864 abortion ban is not repealed, it will go effective on June 8. However, if it is repealed, the state will return to the 15-week limit that was enacted by Republican Governor Doug Ducey in 2022.

Last Monday, the state Senate, which is also under Republican control, presented its own legislation to revoke the 1864 statute.

This action was taken when two Republicans joined forces with all Democrats to support a resolution to launch the bill.

The Arizona Senate may vote on the repeal as early as next Wednesday.

The state House’s decision to repeal the abortion ban followed two unsuccessful attempts by members in the chamber to remove the 1864 statute, as Arizona Republicans navigate the controversial issue during a significant election year.

GOP Arizona Senate nominee Kari Lake had called for the bill to be repealed, reversing her previously vigorously pro-life position.

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