Alec Baldwin Smacks Phone Out of Hand of Aggressive Anti-Israel Protestor in Coffee Shop

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Actor Alec Baldwin forcefully struck the phone of an individual protesting against Israel on Monday, while being persistently harassed inside a coffee shop in New York City.

The woman approached Baldwin while he was engaged in a phone conversation and seemed to have recently completed her order.

Subsequently, a store clerk approached the woman and tactfully attempted to persuade her to go from the store.

“Alec, can you please say, ‘Free Palestine’ one time? Why did you kill that lady? You killed that lady and got no jail time. No jail time, Alec. No jail time, Alec.” the woman asked Baldwin.

“You’re putting innocent people in jail, Alec Baldwin. Free Palestine, Alec. Just one time and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave you alone. I swear. Just say, ‘Free Palestine’ one time.” she continued obnoxiously.

Baldwin then told the woman to “Get out right now” after walking to the entrance.

Baldwin then requested that the store call the police due to the woman harassing him.

Online, may voiced their support for Baldwin.

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