New York Attorney General Still Going After Trump’s Money

[Kidfly182, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

In March, liberals were disappointed when a judge reduced former President Donald Trump’s bond in his civil fraud cause, which allows him to appeal the massive fine handed down from a Democratic judge, from nearly half a billion dollars to $175 million. 

The New York Attorney General Letitia James likely hoped to tie up hundreds of millions of Trump’s money to help Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, going so far as to announce that she had plans to seize Trump Tower.

CNBC reports that James, who campaigned on prosecuting Trump, has not given up seeking a way to get around the 8th Amendment and prevent the former president from appealing his ridiculous fine. 

The AG’s office in a filing said Trump and other defendants in the case had failed to show there is enough identifiable collateral to back the bond for the judgment in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The filing notes that the surety Trump used to obtain the bond, Knight Specialty Insurance Company, is “a small insurer that is not authorized to write business in New York and thus not regulated by the state’s insurance department, had never before written a surety bond in New York or in the prior two years in any other jurisdiction, and has a total policyholder surplus of just $138 million.”

The filing opposes a joint motion by Trump and KSIC to justify the insurer as the surety company holding the bond.

Lawyers for AG Letitia James asked Judge Arthur Engoron to require Trump and other defendants to put up a replacement bond within seven days of ruling on the issue. James’ lawsuit against Trump led to the massive civil judgment against him.

New Conservative Post noted that New York Democrats have been aiming to take Trump out of action for months, giving Biden a campaign advantage as the only one who can campaign freely. 

Democrats are desperate to throw former President Donald Trump in jail by any means necessary, and now they believe they have found the perfect trick. 

Earlier in the week, Fox News wrote, “Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed a motion Tuesday to hold former President Trump in contempt of court, claiming he violated the gag order imposed upon him by publishing three social media posts relating to two known witnesses in his criminal trial — Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels. 

Bragg is urging Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan to also warn Trump that ‘future violations’ of the gag order can be punished ‘not only with additional fines, but also with a term of incarceration of up to thirty days.’”

The judge will take up the appeal from James on Monday.

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