CNN Analyst Sends Out Shocking Warning of ‘Civil Unrest’ if Trump is Jailed

[Photo Credit:By Elvert Barnes - 23a.ProudBoys.USSC.WDC.6January2021, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

CNN analyst Mark Preston now apparently believes that if former President Trump is imprisoned for breaching the gag order in his hush money trial, it will lead to widespread “civil unrest” around the nation and potentially boost his popularity in the polls.

Preston, along with CNN’s Jim Acosta and other individuals, convened to deliberate on the potential scenario of Judge Juan Merchan incarcerating the former president in a temporary detention facility for a brief duration.

“If that were to happen, first of all, I think you would probably see civil unrest across the country, certainly in some cities. That’s one. And two, politically, if I’m the Biden campaign, I don’t want to necessarily see him in jail, because that’s just going to get people more inflamed and more fired up.” he said.

This action would be taken in response to the deliberate violation of the court’s order to refrain from publicly criticizing witnesses, prosecutors, court personnel, jurors, and the judge’s family.

Preston and the other panelists highlighted the politicization of the issue, specifically emphasizing how Trump has taken use of his continuous legal disputes.

Trump’s mug shot, taken after he turned himself in at Fulton County Jail for his alleged involvement in interfering with the Georgia election, has now become an emblem of defiance.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office endeavored to impose a fine on Trump on Monday for his provocative social media remarks on the criminal hush money case, which achieved historical significance as the initial criminal trial involving a former president.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Conroy requested a fine of $1,000 for each social media post made by Trump and emphasized the possibility of imprisonment for violating a gag order.

Merchan chose to schedule a hearing on April 23, during which he will listen to arguments surrounding the prosecution’s request.

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