White House Considering ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration

[The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The White House is becoming more and more desperate as it continues to search for ways to move the country to the left and drive out his base for the election. First, he declared Easter to be a transgender holiday, then he sanctioned an attack against Israel by Iran, and now, according to reports, the president wants to declare a national emergency. The move could give him unprecedented powers and dramatically reshape how we live our lives.

The emergency? Climate change. 

The Daily Caller writes that the president is weighing whether he should declare summer to a national crisis because it gets hot. 

President Joe Biden’s top advisers have returned to conversations about declaring such a national climate emergency, though those in discussion appear to be divided on the move, the sources told Bloomberg. While the move, the sources say, would stunt offshore drilling and curb greenhouse gas emissions, others think the move would help energize youth voters, particularly those with a focus on climate, Bloomberg reported. 

“President Biden has treated the climate crisis as an emergency since day one and will continue to build a clean energy future that lowers utility bills, creates good-paying union jobs, makes our economy the envy of the world and prioritizes communities that for too long have been left behind,” White House spokesperson Angelo Fernandez Hernandez told the outlet while not commenting directly on the reported discussions.

The decision, Bloomberg notes, has not been made and such conversations could carry on for as long as several years. The president’s administration previously considered a similar measure in 2022 once negotiations over clean-energy legislation failed, Bloomberg reported. Biden also said he had declared a climate emergency in 2023 when he implemented “conservation policies,” the outlet reported.

Ahead of the 2024 election, such a move could help Biden win over some of the youth vote as the president trails hypothetical matchups with former President Donald Trump, Bloomberg reported.

The announcement comes because there has never been a presidency more impacted by minor protests. Earlier in the week, according to reports, “six young activists were arrested outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ Los Angeles home on Monday while calling on the White House to declare a climate emergency, according to the youth-led Sunrise Movement.

Harris and President Joe Biden–Democrats who are seeking reelection in November—campaigned as climate champions in the 2020 cycle but have had a mixed record on the topic since entering office.

“My generation is spending our teenage years organizing for climate action because people like Kamala Harris have failed us,” said Adah Crandall, one of the activists arrested after blockading the street outside her California residence overnight.

“We’re ready to do whatever it takes to win a climate emergency declaration—we will camp out overnight, we will get arrested, we will mobilize our peers by the thousands to win the world we deserve,” the 18-year-old continued. “The Biden administration are cowards for not standing with young people.”

Biden’s obsession with climate change may hurt him in swing states like Michigan, where his push for dirty electric vehicles could cost autoworkers thousands of jobs. 

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