Senator Kennedy Slams Biden for Signaling Weakness to Iran

[Photo Credit: By Team New Orleans, US Army Corps of Engineers -, Public Domain,]

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) strongly criticized President Joe Biden on Sunday, alleging that the president shown a lack of strength in response to Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel on Saturday night.

Kennedy expressed his views during a Sunday appearance on “Fox News Sunday” with anchor Shannon Bream, when they discussed the several missiles and drones that Iran targeted against Israel.

“You’ve got Senator Sanders there, one of your colleagues who says, in a piece in the Boston Globe this week, he said not another nickel to Netanyahu. He says, does America want to be on the side of history of standing with people who are child killers and creating starvation? I mean, those are his words. He seems determined to block anything going to his right.” Bream said.

“Yes. And in the past 60 days, we have seen President Biden, go wobbly in his support of Israel. And today, the White House has already leaked to the press early this morning that they’re not going to participate in an Israeli response to what Iran just did. Let me say it again. More sheep is not going to solve the wolf problem.” Kennedy said in response.

“My advice to the president today, for what it’s worth, Mr. President, ‘don’t’. Stop it. Support Israel. With respect, go to Amazon and buy a spine online! Peace through weakness never works. Not with these hard, hard men.” Kennedy added.

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