There’s No Bigger Contrast Between Trump and Biden Than Foreign Policy

[The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

In the aftermath of Iran’s unprecedented attack against Israel, former President Donald Trump wasted no time contrasting the relative peacefulness of the world to that of the one created by Joe Biden and his band of foreign policy liberals. 

Biden begged Iran not to attack Israel earlier in the week. But, allowing an Iranian spy in his foreign policy circle and giving them billions of dollars did not convince the belligerent nation supporting terrorism and radical Islam to stand down. 

For Trump and his supporters, the contrast between weakness and strength is crystal clear. The Washington Examiner writes that the former president was not pulling any punches. 

Shortly after taking the stage at the Schnecksville Fire Hall in Lehigh County on Saturday evening, Trump quickly began lobbying attacks against Biden on a number of platforms, such as the economy and immigration. However, the former president began by targeting the president over his handling of issues overseas, particularly pointing to the Iranian attack on Israel that occurred just hours before Trump took the stage. 

Trump argued the attack on Israel by the Hamas militant group, as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, would not have occurred if Biden was not elected, prompting the crowd to chant “Genocide Joe!” 

“The weakness we’ve shown, it’s unbelievable, and it would not have happened if we were in office,” Trump said.

The former president attacked Biden on a slew of other areas, spending much of his time addressing the crisis at the southern border — a key campaign issue that Trump has focused on since his first presidential run in 2016. 

As the world continues to spiral out of control under his watch, Biden has been completely captured by the anti-Israel element of his party. He’s willing to do almost anything to keep a few thousand radicals in Michigan and Minnesota in the fold for this November’s election, apparently even the ones who chant “Death to America.” 

To continue to soft-pedal terrorists and their activist sympathizers, Biden has told Israel that the massive attack against them does not warrant a retaliation. President Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that America won’t support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, a senior White House official told Axios.

More than 200 drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles were fired from Iran, according to the Israeli Defense Force.

Biden appears to want a stalemate just like in Ukraine. His base demands it.

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