Democrat in Texas Suggests New Race-Based Tax Exemptions for Black People

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Last week, a Democratic lawmaker put forth a proposal suggesting a tax exemption for black individuals as a means of reparations.

During an episode of “The Black Lawyers Podcast,” Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett shared her thoughts on potentially exempting black individuals from paying taxes, citing inspiration from a celebrity whose name she couldn’t recall.

Crockett suggested that a tax exemption could be a more favorable approach to reparations, rather than directly distributing funds.

“I don’t know that that’s … necessarily a bad idea. One of the things they propose is black folk not have to pay taxes for a certain amount of time because … that puts money back in your pocket.” she said.

One limitation of the proposal is that it would solely benefit black individuals who are presently contributing to the tax system.

For years, progressive Democrats have advocated for reparations as a means of compensating black Americans for the historical injustices of slavery.

However, despite their efforts, the proposal has not garnered widespread public support.

In the liberal state of California, a significant majority of voters, almost 60%, expressed their opposition to this particular policy.

Despite opposition, elected Democrats have remained steadfast in their commitment to advancing this policy.

In December, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York signed legislation to establish a commission dedicated to studying the matter.

In addition to facing widespread disapproval among Americans, reparations have encountered various obstacles, including concerns regarding their legality and determining the eligibility criteria for receiving such special considerations.

Some individuals have raised concerns about the potential discriminatory nature of this policy, arguing that it unfairly targets innocent Americans who bear no responsibility for the historical mistreatment of black individuals.

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