GOP Governor of Idaho Blocks Taxpayer Funding for Trans Surgeries

[Photo Credit: By The White House from Washington, DC - President Donald J. Trump Meets with Governors-Elect, Public Domain,]

On Wednesday, Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little took a decisive step by signing a bill into law that aims to restrict the use of taxpayer dollars for transgender surgeries and procedures.

A recent legislation in Idaho has successfully passed through both the state House and Senate. This measure aims to restrict the use of public funds in Idaho for transgender procedures.

Additionally, it specifies that these procedures cannot be performed in government-owned buildings or properties.

“The proposed legislation ensures taxpayer dollars are not used to provide medical treatment or surgeries for the purpose of changing the appearance of a person’s sex in a way that is not consistent with their biological sex. These medical and surgical interventions can cause irreversible physical alterations; and some render the patient sterile or with lifelong sexual dysfunction, while others mutilate healthy body organs.” an official statement said.

The bill was approved in the House with a vote of 58-11 and in the Senate with a vote of 26-8.

The law includes a provision that restricts the use of Idaho Medicaid funds for transgender procedures.

Additionally, it prohibits doctors employed by the government from performing such procedures as part of their government work.

The measure faced opposition from Democrats and liberal groups, while conservative organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom supported it.

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