Biden Berates Press Over Coverage of His Polling Struggles

[Photo Credit: By U.S. National Archives - The Truman Library Institute Truman Civil Rights Symposium, Public Domain,]

The president seems to be increasingly bothered by the media’s coverage of polls indicating that he is trailing behind his predecessor, former President Trump.

During his campaign, Biden has frequently expressed his concerns to audiences of donors regarding the media’s coverage of polls. He has pointed out the tendency of the press to emphasize low survey numbers while disregarding more positive ones.

“While we probably haven’t read a lot about it, in the last few days, there have been several national polls showing us leading now,” Biden said during a recent campaign stop in North Carolina.

“While we probably haven’t read a lot about it, in the last few days, there has been five national polls. The press — well, I like the press, but they don’t talk about it very much. Five national polls having us leading since my State of the Union address,” he continued during a separate stop in Houston.

The White House and the Biden campaign argue that it is premature to place too much trust in polls, given the distance from Election Day.

However, the president has made it evident that he is frustrated with the way the media has been handling voter surveys.

In the weeks following the State of the Union address, the Biden campaign made March a significant month for their campaigning and fundraising efforts.

The president has visited all the crucial states and was poised to generate an unprecedented $25 million in a single evening at a fundraising event in New York City on Thursday.

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