New Survey Finds Shockingly Low Amount of Military Families Would Recommend Serving

[Photo Credit: By U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos - 111019-A-ZU930-014, Public Domain,]

A recent survey conducted by an advocacy organization for military-affiliated communities reveals a significant decline in the number of military families who would recommend military service to others.

The findings indicate that only one-third of these families now express a positive sentiment towards military service, marking a substantial 40% decrease since 2016.

According to recent data, there has been a significant shift in the recommendations of military service among active-duty military families. In 2016, a majority of 55% recommended military service, but this number dropped to just 32% in 2023.

A recent study conducted by Blue Star Families and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families analyzed the feedback of over 7,400 individuals, including active-duty troops, National Guard members, and military reserve family members.

The study revealed that while the primary concern among respondents was the time they spent away from their families, rising inflation emerged as a significant issue due to its impact on food security.

Additional concerns encompassed the limited employment opportunities for spouses of military personnel and inadequate access to mental and physical healthcare.

A recent survey conducted by Blue Star revealed some concerning findings regarding the financial burden of civilian housing options on active-duty families.

The survey found that a staggering 73% of respondents were paying over $200 a month out-of-pocket for housing, putting a significant strain on their finances.

Additionally, nearly half of the active-duty families surveyed reported experiencing financial stress due to the high costs associated with housing.

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