REPORT: Christian Group Blocked From Passing Out Bibles by Ultra-Woke Policies

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A large hospital system in rural Georgia is now reportedly blocking Gideons International, a Christian organization that distributes Bibles to hospitals, due to new diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter have shared this information.

Gideons, known for providing free Bibles to hospitals, hotels, and jails, has been prevented from serving the Phoebe Putney Health System.

This healthcare provider serves a large population across multiple Georgia counties. Gideons has not had its Bibles in the system’s hospitals for several months, despite having a working relationship for several years.

The policy raises concerns about the use of inclusion policies to prevent Christians from sharing Bibles with individuals who are sick or on their deathbed.

Gideons was established in 1899 and has successfully distributed over 2 billion Bibles in more than 95 languages to 200 countries and territories.

It is widely recognized for its practice of placing Bibles in night stands in hotels across America, with approximately one million being distributed annually to hotels and motels.

An insider with deep insights into the matter revealed that Gideons faced initial restrictions when attempting to enter Phoebe during the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The organization was not allowed to return after COVID restrictions were eased and they tried to resume their work last year.

According to the source, the Gideons were informed that their work was considered a violation of the DEI policy and they would no longer be permitted into the Phoebe facilities.

Phoebe Health’s decision to exclude the Gideons is part of a larger trend in medical institutions across the country. Many have faced criticism for prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion over merit and the core teachings of the medical field.

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