Police in Toronto Advise Residents Make Their Cars Easier to Steal to Appease Pistol Packing Criminals

[Photo Credit: By paul (dex) from Toronto - city of lightsUploaded by Skeezix1000, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9476703]

The Toronto Police Service released a statement on Wednesday, confirming that one of their officers made comments during a recent community meeting.

The officer recommended that individuals keep their vehicle keys in a faraday bag near the front door, according to the statement.

Faraday bags are effective in preventing signal-duplicating devices from being used by criminals to steal vehicles.

According to the Toronto Police Service, there was a significant increase in home invasions and auto thefts in Toronto last year.

The Toronto police expressed their concern about the increasing level of violence, with criminals resorting to various weapons and firearms to carry out vehicle thefts, including home invasions.

The statement emphasized the importance of prioritizing personal safety over the security of one’s vehicle.

It also highlighted alternative methods for residents to safeguard their homes and vehicles, rather than simply leaving keys at the front door.

The statement provided several helpful tips, such as parking vehicles in a garage if possible, ensuring a well-lit driveway, installing a home security system and security cameras if possible, applying security film on glass windows and doors, keeping backyard gates and ground-floor windows locked, and reporting any suspicious vehicles or people.

However, the statement did not assure residents that the police force could actually keep them and their loved ones safe from the dangerous criminal lurking in the area, as such an assurance may have conflicted with the far-left agenda of the Trudeau government.

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