Judge Allows Fani to Stay on Case, if She Boots Lover

[Photo Credit by Gage Skidmore]

Fani Willis can remain on the case, according to a Fulton County Judge. The Wall Street Journal Reports.

There is one catch, however.

Fani can remain on the case of President Trump so long as she gets rid of lover Nathan Wade.

The Journal continues:

Fani Willis, the Democratic Georgia prosecutor who indicted former President Donald Trump on election-interference related charges, can remain on the case but must cut ties with a deputy she had a romantic relationship with, a judge said on Friday.

Willis’s relationship with Nathan Wade created an “appearance of impropriety,” the judge said in a written ruling, a victory for defense lawyers who raised conflict of interest concerns.

Trump’s attorneys, and attorneys for co-defendants on the case were attempting to get Fani Willis disqualified for her romantic relationship with Wade, but this ruling turned those efforts into a loss.

However, it could lay the foundation for other claims as the case moves along.

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