Trump Prioritizes Abortion as Key Concern

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

As the general election comes into focus, Donald Trump has begun to worry more about the way that abortion may impact his chances at a second term in the White House.  

NBC News recently related a story of the former president speaking with guests at Mar-a-Lago about the topic, especially as it relates to his potential options for running mate.  

The outlet wrote:

On this day, the GOP’s challenges on the issue of abortion became the focus when a member brought up the midterm elections and the hit Republicans took over reproductive rights. According to a source who was present, the member told Trump to pick a running mate who isn’t too hard-line on the issue. Trump then began making the rounds polling his dinner guests about abortion and the veepstakes.

In particular, he asked the diners — who included his campaign aides and club members — what they thought of the vocal anti-abortion-rights views of Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina. Would they turn off voters?

According to two sources close to Trump, including the person at the dinner, Trump has been laser-focused on the abortion issue, especially when it comes to his vice presidential pick. He sees it as the one major advantage for Democrats and a vulnerability for Republicans. 

“The president understands it as a treacherous issue — one that you can actually trip up and fall on your face with,” said the source, a person familiar with his thinking. The person added that Trump would most likely not risk picking “someone with a six-week ban in their discussions or someone without any commitment on the exceptions.”

Last month, Trump began offering glimpses at his potential list of running mates. According to Politico, the list includes “at least half a dozen names…ranging from South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

During a Fox News town hall event, host Laura Ingraham asked Trump about six possible choices for his running mate: DeSantis, Scott, biotech entrepreneur and former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Gabbard.”

Trump has signaled out Tim Scott multiple times during rallies and the South Carolina senator could be rewarded for the hard-charging campaigning he performed in the Palmetto State on behalf of the former president. 

“A lot of people are talking about that gentleman right over there,” Trump said about Scott at one of the rallies. “He’s been such a great advocate. I have to say this in a very positive way, Tim Scott, he has been much better for me than he was for himself. I watched his campaign, and he doesn’t like talking about himself. But boy does he talk about Trump. … I called him and I said, ‘Tim, you’re better for me than you were for yourself,’” political magazine noted.

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