New Poll Shows Only 37 Percent Of Americans Believe Biden is Respected Abroad

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

According to a recent Gallup survey, 37 percent of Americans believe that President Biden is respected by world leaders.

58% of respondents indicated that he is not respected, while 5% stated they have no opinion.

When it comes to political affiliation, the majority of Democrats believe Biden is respected, while only a small percentage of Republicans and independents share the same view.

The results of the poll, which took place from Feb. 1-20, are consistent with a previous survey conducted a year ago. In February 2023, 37 percent of respondents believed that Biden was respected by world leaders.

In contrast, in February 2021, 58 percent of people believed that Biden was respected. In the subsequent year, only 40 percent of participants were in agreement.

Although the most recent poll on Biden’s global reputation shows a decline in his approval ratings, it matches the peak performance achieved by former President Trump during his time in office.

In February 2020, one month prior to the COVID-19 outbreak that disrupted daily life, 37% believed that Trump was respected by world leaders, marking the peak of his presidency.

In the latest survey, only 42 percent of Americans believe that the United States is viewed favorably by the world, marking the lowest percentage since February 2017.

During the initial three years of Biden’s presidency, the percentage of people who viewed the U.S. favorably remained relatively stable at 49 percent, 48 percent, and 49 percent, respectively.

Moreover, during the initial three years of Biden’s term, the percentage of Americans content with the country’s global standing stayed consistent at 37 percent.

In February of this year, that level decreased to 33 percent.

This slight shift in perspective on the U.S.’s global involvement coincides with some Democrats voicing discontent with the U.S.’s backing of Israel during the conflict in Gaza.

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