Liberals Freak Out Over Not Banning Trump

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Even the liberal justices thought Democrats went too far. On Monday morning, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that random state officials cannot unilaterally kick a presidential candidate off the ballot. 

The ruling only surprised those with extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome, an affliction wherein someone, typically a liberal, makes an argument like the following: “the only way to defend democracy is to kick the popular frontrunner to the incumbent Democratic president off the ballot.” 

Even Sonia Sotomayor and Biden’s own appointee, Ketanji Brown Jackson disagreed with the liberal professors who came up with the silly argument.  

CNBC writes:

The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously reversed the Colorado court ruling that barred Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s Republican presidential primary ballot because of a provision in the U.S. Constitution related to people who engage in insurrection.

The Supreme Court’s ruling means that no other state can bar Trump, or any other candidate, from a presidential ballot by invoking the insurrection clause in the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

The decision Monday said that “States have no power under the Constitution to” enforce the provision disqualifying people from federal office if they engaged in insurrection, “especially the Presidency.” The ruling did say that states could disqualify people from holding state offices on those grounds.

“For the reasons given, responsibility for enforcing Section 3 against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the States,” the ruling said. “The judgment of the Colorado Supreme Court therefore cannot stand.”

Despite it being obvious that no court was going to rule that candidates can be banned from the ballot without even a vote from the legislature, liberals have already started their meltdown. 

Liberal write for The Daily Beast sees a grand conspiracy afoot:

NBC News “Justice and Intelligence” correspondent pretended that the ruling was not 9-0.

One of the originators of the argument went on MSNBC and had changed gears to the presidential immunity case in the Supreme Court, which will be heard later in April. 

That case will likely be the last chance liberals have to disqualify Trump from the election without Biden needing to get more votes this November. 

Of course, no liberal meltdown at losing more than Keith Olbermann. 

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