Bill Barr Drops Major Hint About Who He’s Backing in 2024 Presidential Election

[Photo Credit: By The United States Department of Justice -, Public Domain,]

In a speech late last week, former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr hinted that he would support his former employer in a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Barr, who has expressed dissent towards Trump ever since his withdrawal from office in January 2021, delivered the remarks at a brunch hosted by the Forum Club of Southwest Florida in Naples.

Barr has avoided stating in the past which candidate he would back if Trump were to win the Republican Party presidential primary.

However, now that Trump is nearing the official conclusion of the primary, Barr stated that Biden poses a far greater threat to the nation than Trump does.

“Voting for Trump is playing Russian roulette with the country. Voting for Biden is outright national suicide.” Barr said.

Between now and election day in November, the former president will encounter a multitude of legal challenges. He has been indicted in four distinct criminal cases and has recently encountered setbacks in civil courts, which have incurred substantial financial losses amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. However, these rulings are currently under appeal.

Notwithstanding the obstacles he encounters and the apparent disorder that ensues, Trump maintains a lead over Biden in most surveys, as an overwhelming majority of voters continue to express disapproval of the president’s approach to several critical national issues.

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