Fox News Lists Five Potential Biden Replacement

[Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

It’s not a secret that the last few weeks have been brutal for Joe Biden’s re-election chances. Between the president mumbling about talking to dead foreign leaders and having his own Department of Justice claim he’s a well-meaning but senile old man to yelling about cookies on a Chinese spy app, even famous liberals are now asking: What is going on with White House?

The new scrutiny aimed at the White House has sparked new calls for Democrats to drop Biden and run someone else in 2024. Fox News recently listed five who could replace the president at this summer’s Democratic National Convention. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom. The channel writes that “Democrat strategists and members of the media continually mention him as a future presidential hopeful, but that future could come sooner rather than later should Biden’s plans change.

Vice President Kamala Harris. For the veep, the news outlet states that “Despite her low approval rating and frequent gaffes as vice president, she continues to insist she’s “ready to serve” as commander-in-chief if necessary.”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama. The wife of the last popular Democrat to be in the White House recently received mention in The New York Post as someone who had begun to set the wheels in motion for a run in 2024. 

Fox wrote: Obama has been one of the more surprising names floated as a potential replacement for Biden, considering her lack of political experience, although the same could have been said for former President Donald Trump during his first White House run.

Furthermore, Obama adviser David Axelrod recently poured cold water on the rumor that she’d even consider running. 

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The channel explains that “Despite declining a run for the White House this year, Whitmer appeared to leave the door open for a future presidential run after her convincing re-election win during the 2022 midterm elections, a year that was expected to be a difficult one for Democrats.”

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear. The moderate governor recently won re-election, shocking political watchers by defeating a McConnell-turned-Turmp acolyte in the 2023 campaign. 

Fox stated, “Multiple former officials and people familiar with Beshear’s rise told Fox News Digital following his election victory last year that he would be someone to watch as a national political player for Democrats, and didn’t rule out any future aspirations.

Those sources cited Beshear’s ability to connect across party lines and bring Republicans and Democrats into his policy fold as something the nation was looking for amid a staunch political divide.”

Time is ticking on Democrats to make a decision. Any attempt at removing Biden from the ticket will be tricky, and that all assumes that the sitting president would be happy to be pushed aside. 

If the president’s angry emergency press conference last week showed anything, that might be the most difficult part.

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