Republican in New York Demands Biden Be Removed Due to Mental Incompetance

[Photo Credit: By Elvert Barnes -, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Representative Claudia Tenney, a Republican from New York, is now urging the White House cabinet to contemplate the 25th Amendment as a means to strip President Joe Biden of his authority.

Following the release of a report by special counsel Robert Hur, who investigated Biden’s handling of classified documents during his tenure as a senator and vice president, Tenney wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday evening.

Hur’s denial of charging Biden was partially due to the special counsel’s belief that a jury would be hesitant to convict the 81-year-old president if he presented himself to the special counsel as a sympathetic, well-intentioned elderly man with a weak memory.

Tenney invoked the 25th Amendment in response to the Hur report’s “grave concerns” regarding Biden’s mental acuity and health.

“After concluding that President Biden knowingly and willfully removed, mishandled, and disclosed classified documents repeatedly over a period of decades, Mr. Hur nevertheless recommended that charges not be brought against him. Special Counsel’s reasoning was alarming.” Tenney said.

“He recited numerous instances in which President Biden exhibited dramatically compromised mental faculties and concluded that a jury would be likely to perceive President Biden as a sympathetic and forgetful old man,” she added.

“Candidly, Special Counsel’s report makes a reasonable case that he is not. Being unable to remember what position he held, and when, is exceptionally concerning. Being unable to remember when one’s child died – even within a time frame of several years – is perhaps more a more damning reflection of his mental impairment.” Tenney remarked later in the document.

“So it is incumbent upon you to explore proceedings to remove the President pursuant to the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution. President Biden needs to be charged, or he needs to be removed.” she concluded.

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