Nikki Haley Claims Trump Is Putting ‘Plants’ In Her Crowds

[U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

In South Carolina, former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has accused Donald Trump of playing dirty tricks. 

Campaigning in her home state, Haley said that the Trump campaign had begun purposely planting hecklers in her crowds to try and disrupt her speeches. Over the weekend, she let one of them have it by mocking the former president.

The Express provided details for the heated exchange. 

At one moment during the speech she was heckled by a member of the crowd. But the presidential hopeful, who earlier blamed “weak” President Biden for the fatal “Iran-backed” strike on a US base in Jordan that killed three military personnel, shrugged off the shouting and smiled at her crowd.

The heckler shouted: “Vote Donald Trump.”

Haley responded to the gathered audience: “Y’all don’t let it bother you, that’s what Trump does, he does disruption. That’s the only way he thinks he can win is by planting people like this. I think we’re getting under his skin. Just saying, I don’t know.”

Haley dug the knife into Trump once again, admitting to voting for him twice. But she then told the assembled crowd: “Chaos follows (him). We can’t be a country in disarray in a world on fire and go in for four more years of chaos, we will not survive it.

Haley has ramped up attacks against Trump since she overperformed in the New Hampshire primary. During one rally, she said the former president had become “totally unhinged.”

Haley has just over three weeks to cut into Donald Trump’s lead in the Palmetto State’s primary, which will be held on February 24. 

“Donald Trump remains the party’s standard bearer,” pollster Ryan Tyson told The Messenger. 

“Trump net favorability rating stands at 41% in South Carolina.

In contrast, Haley’s rating is about half of Trump’s, 23%, with 56% viewing her favorably and 33% unfavorably.”

The same poll showed the former president winning the primary by 27 percent. 

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