House Ethics Committee Enlarges Investigation Into Matt Gaetz

[PHOTO CREDIT: Gage Skidmore]

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is purportedly the subject of an expanded investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which has reportedly contacted numerous new witnesses.

The Committee was reportedly concentrating on potential lobbying violations by Gaetz prior to its contact with individuals associated with the DOJ’s criminal investigation, according to the report.

The Committee recommenced its investigation into Gaetz in July 2023 in response to the DOJ’s request that it postpone its initial inquiry into the lawmaker.

The investigation conducted by the DOJ concluded without any charges being filed against Gaetz.

“It’s great to see the Ethics Committee has interests beyond trading stocks. They seem to be quite the unusual whales.” Gaetz said in a statement in response to the developments.

“I was cleared by the Department of Justice and the FBI, who looked into my life for years. Now, I believe that the House Ethics Committee is trying to weaponize their process against me because every once in a while up here I’m a rabble-rouser and I don’t go along to get along. And right now, I’m forcing this body to have deal with our debt and our spending.” Gaetz continued.

“I think all the days in Congress, there are probably in the seven years I’ve been in Congress there have only been tens of days when I haven’t been under one form of ethics investigation or another. I’ve never been found to have violated any ethical laws. I won’t be found to have violated them in this matter either.” he continued

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