Democrat Senator Moves to Delay Sanctions Against Iran

[Photo Credit: By Maryland GovPics - Presidential Visit to the B&P Tunnel, CC BY 2.0,]

Iranian dissidents opposed to the theocratic despotic Iranian regime were incensed when a Democrat senator from Maryland threatened to stall a measure that would sanction Iranian government leaders for decades of human rights violations.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), stated via email on December 21 that he would not advance the MAHSA act.

“On September 16, 2022, a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, died in the detention of the Morality Police after being beaten and detained for allegedly transgressing discriminatory dress codes for women. This tragic incident triggered widespread, pro-women’s rights, pro-democracy protests across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, calling for the end to Iran’s theocratic regime.” The act read.

“In the course of the protests, the Iranian security forces’ violent crackdown includes mass arrests, well documented beating of protestors, throttling of the internet and telecommunications services, and shooting protestors with live ammunition. Iranian security forces have reportedly killed hundreds of protestors and other civilians, including women and children, and wounded many more.” it continued.

The MAHSA Act, which was enacted by an overwhelming majority in the House on September 12, 2023, intended to sanction the President and Supreme Leader of Iran, as well as their respective offices, on account of human rights violations and support for terrorism.

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