Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Assassinate Supreme Court Justice

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The Florida individual pleaded guilty on Monday to threatening the life of a Supreme Court justice, according to an announcement by the Justice Department (DOJ).

On Friday, 43-year-old Neal Brij Sidhwaney pled guilty to one count of making a threat to cause bodily harm across state lines.

In July, the Fernandina Beach resident bequeathed a voicemail message to the Supreme Court that was filled with profanities, in which he made two separate threats to endanger a justice.

The DOJ did not specify which justice Sidhwaney threatened in its statement; however, court documents indicate that the suspect identified Chief Justice John Roberts as his target during a court-ordered psychological evaluation.

According to the documents, Sidhwaney identified himself by name in the voicemail and implored the U.S. Marshals to relay a message to Roberts stating, “I will f——— kill you.”

Since his August detention, Sidhwaney has been held in custody.

The psychologist who evaluated Sidhwaney concluded that he possessed the necessary competence to stand trial; however, she identified a diagnosis of delusional disorder with psychosis based on the “fixed delusional beliefs” he has maintained for an extended period of time.

Antipsychotic medication is what he takes, the physician stated in the filings.

For the offense, Sidhwaney could face up to five years in prison. As of yet, no sentencing date has been established.

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