New Hampshire Governor Backs Nikki Haley

[Rich Girard, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

The current king of Republicans in New Hampshire has finally made his decision. For over a year, Chris Sununu has said that he’d at some point offer his endorsement of a Republican presidential candidate, a move that will certainly boost prospects in the Granite State.

Sununu has chosen Nikki Haley over Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. 

Politico writes

Sununu is scheduled to appear with Haley at a town hall on Tuesday in Manchester. His endorsement would lend a major boost to the former South Carolina governor in the first primary state.

“I look forward to joining Nikki at her town hall this evening — it’s going to be a lot of fun!” the governor said in a statement through his office, which declined to confirm the endorsement. WMUR first reported Sununu’s plans.

Sununu, a vocal Trump critic, now appears to be encouraging like-minded voters to coalesce behind Haley. Over the past few months, he’s lauded her foreign policy credentials as a former ambassador to the United Nations. And he’s praised her dedication to retail politics in a state where voters have historically demanded one-on-one interactions with potential presidents.

“Nikki’s done a great job. She’s been really pounding the pavement in terms of going to various parts of the state, talking to folks, letting them ask her questions,” Sununu told reporters shortly before Thanksgiving. “Her message seems to resonate.”

The Sununu Family is one of the most powerful political dynasties in the country. Chris Sununu, the son of John Sununu, the former governor of the state and chief of staff for George H.W. Bush, recently won his fourth term as governor. 

Governor Sununu is merely the latest high-profile endorsement for Haley. Over the past few weeks, CEOs from Wall Street and the powerful Koch political network have also thrown their weight behind the former ambassador to the UN. 

Over the past month, Nikki Haley has surged in New Hampshire polling, slowly catching Trump in a state known for breaking late. 

This is the second major endorsement by a governor that has gone against Donald Trump. In November, the former president was infuriated when Iowa’s governor, Kim Reynolds, endorsed Ron DeSantis for president.

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