Elon Musk Has Harsh Words For The Haley Campaign

[Ministério Das Comunicações, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

The wealthiest man in the world has some words for Nikki Haley, and it’s not good. 

According to Elon Musk, Nikki Haley’s campaign is “dead” after she proudly accepted millions in contributions from Wall Street and Big Tech, including the “Soros of Silicon Valley.”

The National Review writes

Musk, for his part, is a self-described centrist who has said he voted for President Biden in 2020. He said last year that he would support Ron DeSantis if he were to enter the presidential race. However, in August, he called Vivek Ramaswamy a “very promising candidate.”

DeSantis and Ramaswamy criticized Nikki Haley during the debate on Wednesday for what they described as a cozy relationship with big corporations and wealthy donors.

Debate moderator Megyn Kelly noted Haley left government service in 2018 with just $100,000 in the bank and then has amassed an estimated $8 million in the years that followed thanks to lucrative corporate speeches and board memberships. Kelly asked Haley if she was in too tight with the corporations and billionaires to court average Republican voters.

Haley argued she’s been a “conservative fighter all my life” and said she will “take support from anybody we can take support from.”

Haley has taken the newfound support from moderates and liberals as a sign that her campaign is surging. Liberals have celebrated her rise as a “death knell” for Ron DeSantis, the conservative governor of Florida. 

Rex Huppke, a liberal columnist for USA Today, for example, cheerfully lauded what Haley’s rise presumably means in the nominating contest, calling “the DeSantis campaign’s death rattle” something completely “satisfying to those of us who have found him, his often-cruel policies and his bullying demeanor repulsive.”

Haley and DeSantis are currently splitting the “not Trump” vote in the early primary states, with Haley taking from DeSantis’ second-place position in Iowa while DeSantis hurts Haley in New Hampshire.

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