CIA Counterterrorism Leader Posted Pro-Palestine Message

[Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The Daily Caller News Foundation has revealed that Associate Deputy Director for Analysis Amy McFadden, an operational CIA official, changed her social media cover photo to a pro-Palestinian image just two weeks after the Hamas terrorist organization carried out attacks on Israel.

“The original Oct. 21 photo of a man waving a Palestinian flag — often used in articles critical of Israel — is no longer publicly visible on the official’s social media, as the official, the associate deputy director for analysis at the CIA, changed the image after the Financial Times reached out Monday, the outlet reported. The DCNF identified the official as Amy McFadden, who has served in the CIA Directorate of Analysis front office since 2020, according to her LinkedIn profile.

McFadden worked in the CIA’s Counterterrorism center, was deputy in the Office of North African, Arabian Peninsula, and Regional Analysis and later was director of the President’s Daily Brief, according to her biography,” according to The Daily Caller. 

The Financial Times reports that posting an overtly political image on a public platform is a very unusual move for a senior intelligence official. It comes as tensions rise inside the administration about whether President Joe Biden should put more pressure on Israel to bring an end to the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

In a separate Facebook post, the senior intelligence official also published a selfie with a sticker saying “Free Palestine” superimposed on the photograph. One person familiar with the image said it was posted to Facebook years ago and long before the current conflict.”

“The officer is a career analyst with extensive background in all aspects of the Middle East and this post [of the Palestinian flag] was not intended to express a position on the conflict,” a person familiar with the situation told the outlet.

As their party’s antisemitism problem has grown, Joe Biden and other pro-Israel Democrats have seen a large backlash among leftwing staffers udner their employ who do not believe Israel has a right to self defense, or in some cases, the right to exist at all. 

The New York Times reported, “The Democratic Party’s yearslong unity behind President Biden is beginning to erode over his steadfast support of Israel in its escalating war with the Palestinians, with a left-leaning coalition of young voters and people of color showing more discontent toward him than at any point since he was elected.

In protests, open letters, staff revolts and walkouts, liberal Democrats are demanding that Mr. Biden break with decades-long American policy and call for a cease-fire, even as Israel steps up its military operations in Gaza.”

Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill for example, recently took the cowardly position of protesting while wearing masks so that their identity would not be revealed. 

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