Democrat House Member Flees Progressive Caucus Over Israel Controversy

[Photo Credit: By Diliff - Self-published work by Diliff, Public Domain,]

A Democratic member of the House has now severed ties with the Congressional Progressive Caucus in the midst of an increasingly polarized atmosphere on Capitol Hill concerning Israel’s invasion of Hamas.

On Monday, The Intercept reported that Representative Lois Frankel (D-Fla) resigned over divergent views regarding the Gaza Strip siege.

According to the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive, Frankel was removed from the caucus’s online membership page within the last few weeks.

Frankel, a devout Jew, proclaimed “unwavering support” for Israel on October 7, following terrorist attacks on Israeli soil by Hamas that resulted in over a thousand fatalities and the abduction of hundreds of hostages.

Frankel’s resolute support for Israel pits her against progressive “Squad” members who have criticized the country, thereby inciting a surge of primary challenges during the 2024 election cycle.

Several weeks into the operation in Gaza, while an increasing number of progressive senators and representatives in the House of Representatives have called for a cessation of hostilities and expressed concern over Palestinian civilian casualties, other Democrats have remained steadfast in their support for Israel’s efforts to eradicate Hamas.

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