Military Sending Letters To Previously Discharged To Come Back

[PH3 VICTORIA A. TULLOCK, USN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

The United States Army has realized it made a huge mistake and now it’s become desperate to fix the mess it finds itself in. Amidst tepid recruiting, only “43 of the more than 8,000 US service members who were discharged from the military for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have sought to rejoin eight months after the vaccine mandate was officially repealed,” writes CNN. 

The Army has become so desperate that it is now sending letters begging those they involuntary discharged to reenlist, allowing them to “correct” their military records. 

It was only two years ago that Biden began to gleefully discharge American military members for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In December of 2021, The Air Force Times reported Biden’s handiwork:

The Air Force gave its forces until Nov. 2 to get the vaccine, and thousands have either refused or sought an exemption. Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said Monday that these are the first airmen to be administratively discharged for reasons involving the vaccine.

She said all of them were in their first term of enlistment, so they were younger, lower-ranking personnel. And while the Air Force does not disclose what type of discharge a service member gets, legislation working its way through Congress limits the military to giving troops in vaccine refusal cases an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.

The Pentagon earlier this year required the vaccine for all members of the military, including active duty, National Guard and the Reserves. Each of the services set its own deadlines and procedures for the mandate, and the Air Force set the earliest deadline. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said the vaccine is critical to maintaining the health of the force and its ability to respond to an national security crisis.

During the hysteria, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. David Ottignon told lawmakers, “I can tell you there are no operational impacts across the force for readiness. There’s no one community that has signaled an instance where a [leader], an NCO or another enlisted Marine is not present because of that.”

Apparently, as the world has collapsed under Biden’s foreign policy, making sure that otherwise young and healthy soldiers do not get a bad cold is no longer a priority. 

The United States military is currently facing a recruiting crisis. noted, “Despite a barrage of hefty bonuses, loosened and more progressive enlistment requirements, and even the creation of innovative pre-boot camp programs, the U.S. military mostly fell short in efforts to bring more Americans into the services over the past year — and it’s unclear how or when that will change.

Of the five Defense Department service branches, only two met their active-duty enlisted recruiting goals for fiscal 2023 — the Marine Corps and the Space Force, by far the smallest services and with the lightest recruiting burden. The others, the Army, Air Force and Navy, fell short. Every service — with the exception of the Marine Corps, which squeaked by, in some cases by just one person — missed some element of its target numbers, whether from the reserve, National Guard or officer goals.”

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