Republicans Propose Slashing Pete Buttigieg’s Salary to Only One Dollar

[Photo Credit: By Pete For America -, PDM-owner,]

On Tuesday night, the House passed an amendment that would have reduced Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s pay to $1.

If approved, the amendment—which was proposed by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)—would be appended to the 2024 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development funding bill.

Under the Holman Rule, which permits reducing a government employee’s yearly salary to $1, the change was proposed.

After a video from 2021 seemed to show security personnel removing Buttigieg’s bike from the back of an SUV so he could ride to a meeting with the White House Cabinet and return to the Department of Transportation, Republicans launched an attack on the congressman.

Conservatives said he organized the bike ride, but Buttigieg and the DOT refuted the claims, pointing out that he occasionally cycles the three miles.

Greene criticized Buttigieg for his tardiness in responding to an earlier this year train incident in eastern Ohio.

“These fraudulent actions of Secretary Buttigieg illustrate that he is not to be trusted in leading our Department of Transportation. While Secretary Buttigieg was taking taxpayer-funded carbon-emitting private jets to receive LGBTQ awards, he failed to serve the Americans in East Palestine who were devastated by the train derailment and chemical earlier this year.” Greene said.

The response from the federal government was criticized by the locals since the Norfolk Southern train was transporting dangerous materials.

After delaying his journey to East Palestine for around three weeks, Buttigieg later expressed regret.

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