PAC Backing Potential Third Party Presidential Bid by Larry Hogan Drops Major Hint in New Ad

[Photo Credit: By Maryland GovPics - Pre Inaugural Reception, CC BY 2.0,]

The PAC of former Republican governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, unveiled a brand new commercial on Tuesday that addressed foreign policy, specifically with regard to Israel and Ukraine.

The presidential tone of the video also fueled rumors that Hogan may make a third-party campaign in 2024—something he hasn’t ruled out.

In the most recent America United advertisement, “Allies,” footage of terrorist strikes by Hamas, an organization backed by both Iran and Russia, is intercut with Hogan’s commentary on America’s response to each incident and his condemnation of other members of his party, notably former President Donald Trump.

In the advertisement, the former governor of Maryland’s PAC presents him in stark contrast to Trump by simulating news reports of a purported remark the outgoing president made.

“Our allies question whether they should still trust us, and our enemies question whether they should still fear us,” Hogan says in the ad.

“I’m a Reagan guy, and I believe in peace through strength, and I believe in standing up for our allies and standing up to our enemies. We need to stand with our allies and secure peace through strength.” he continues.

Based on early state surveys and a sustained double-digit advantage over all opponents nationwide, Trump is the most likely Republican candidate for president in 2024.

Any comparison of Hogan to Trump would undoubtedly spark more rumors about the former governor running for president.

Throughout the primary season there was speculation about whether Hogan would jump in. However it now appears much more likely that he may be part of a third party presidential bid with the backing of the No Labels organization.

Hogan’s entry into the race on a third party ticket could dramatically remake the electoral landscape in 2024, a race that is already likely to feature several unorthodox third party candidate such as environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr. and far-left academic Cornell West.

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