New Poll Shows Biden Approval Rating Near Record Low

[Photo Credit: By Elvert Barnes -, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

In a poll issued on Wednesday, President Biden’s overall approval rating fell to 37%, a nearly all-time low for the president as he enters an election year.

Biden’s overall support rating is at its second-lowest point in his administration, according to the most recent CNBC All-America Economic Survey, which was conducted from October 11 to 15. This is one point higher than the historically low approval rating of 36% in July 2022.

One point higher than the disapproval rating in July 2022, Biden’s disapproval rating reached a record-high of 58 percent.

Biden, 80, is scheduled to seek for reelection the following year and does not have many formidable opponents in the Democratic primary.

The 77-year-old former president Trump is the overwhelming favorite to win the GOP nominee for president.

A majority of respondents (45%) said they would vote for or support Biden for president in 2020, while 43% said they would support Trump. In addition, 85% of respondents claimed they had cast ballots.

When asked about their ideological leanings, 26% characterized themselves as very or somewhat liberal, 40% as very or very conservative, and 28% as moderate.

His most recent approval rating fell by two points from the most recent polls, taken in July and April, when it remained constant at 39%.

Biden’s overall approval rating was 41% in November 2022.

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