Biden Admin Preparing to Send 2,000 American Troops Into Israeli Warzone

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

As it intensifies its efforts to support Israel, the US military on Monday chose almost 2,000 soldiers for a prospective deployment to the Middle East.

The action was taken nine days after hundreds of civilians were massacred by members of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which is supported by Iran.

Currently, the forces are deployed across the Middle East and nearby regions, including Europe.

They were chosen from among all US military branches.

Although the Biden administration has stated that it wants to support Israel, it hasn’t made clear what would cause a troop deployment or where it would go.

If Israeli soldiers enter Gaza by land, the Pentagon has suggested that the US will intervene immediately and put troops on the ground.

Since October 7, there have been nearly 1,500 fatalities in Israel, while 2,700 people have allegedly died in Gaza, according to Palestinian authorities.

The Israeli Defense Force launched a counteroffensive after Hamas’ unexpected attacks, focusing on terrorists in Gaza.

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