Associated Press Forced to Remove Reporter for Anti-Israel Bias

[Photo Credit: By Americasroof at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,]

A correspondent for the Associated Press based in Gaza has a history of demonizing Israel on social media as an oppressive, apartheid government, prompting complaints that he can’t cover the situation honestly.

Issam Adwan has a long history of criticizing Israel, including labeling it a “apartheid” regime, suggesting that it would be a victory if it were “overthrown,” and equating the Jewish state with the Nazis, according to a thorough analysis from media watchdog HonestReporting.

Since Israel declared war on Hamas following the Palestinian terror group’s deadly attack on Saturday, Adwan has been reporting for the AP from Gaza.

Since Israel began war on Hamas, Adwan has uploaded multiple AP dispatches from Gaza, which is currently being bombarded.

On Saturday, the terrorist group attacked Israel incognito, killing hundreds of citizens and robbing at least 150 hostages.

The horrific violence committed by Hamas has shocked much of the globe.

Recently, the focus of Adwan’s reports for the AP has been the cost to civilians of Israel’s military operations.

The AP informed Fox News Digital that Adwan had been relieved of his reporting responsibilities as it looked into his background in more detail.

Adwan, a Gaza native, started working for the AP in August after previously contributing to Middle East Eye and Al Jazeera English.

Additionally, he managed the projects “We Are Not Numbers,” a Palestinian storytelling initiative, and the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution.

Throughout his life, he has been an advocate for Palestinians and what he perceives as unjust treatment of his people by the Israelis and their allies.

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