AOC Turns on Far-Left Allies Over Anti-Semitic Rally Against Israel in NYC

[Photo Credit: By Senate Democrats - 9H1A8449, CC BY 2.0,]

Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) criticized her fellow far-left progressives for promoting a pro-Palestine rally in the city on Monday, days after hundreds of Israelis were murdered in an invasion by the terrorist organization Hamas.

On Sunday, less than 24 hours after the assault began, the New York City Democratic Socialists of America organized a rally for Palestinians.

Members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation also joined about seventy-five other demonstrators at the Israeli consulate in Atlanta on Sunday, shouting chants in support of the militant group Hamas and imploring the United States to cease aid to Israel.

“It should not be hard to shut down hatred and antisemitism where we see it. That is a core tenet of solidarity. The bigotry and callousness expressed in Times Square on Sunday were unacceptable and harmful in this devastating moment. It also did not speak for the thousands of New Yorkers who are capable of rejecting both Hamas’ horrifying attacks against innocent civilians as well as the grave injustices and violence Palestinians face under occupation.” AOC said in response to the issue.

Following the surprise invasion, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his country to be “at war,” and he expects the conflict to escalate in the coming days.

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