Man With Multiple Weapons Who was Seeking Wisconsin Governor at Capitol Arrested

[Photo Credit: by Highway Patrol Images.]

A state official claimed on Thursday that a man who had unlawfully taken a handgun into the Wisconsin Capitol and demanded to see Governor Tony Evers later returned at night with an assault weapon after posting bail.

According to Tatyana Warrick, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Administration, the man approached the governor’s office on the first floor of the Capitol at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday while wearing no shirt and carrying a holstered revolver.

The governor was not there when the individual demanded to see him, according to Warrick.

In front of a group of rooms that comprises the governor’s office, a conference room, and the attorney general’s offices, a Capitol police officer is seated at a desk.

According to Warrick, the individual was detained for illegally and openly carrying a handgun into the Capitol.

The Capitol allows the carrying of concealed weapons by anyone with appropriate permits.

According to Warrick, the man who was detained lacked a concealed carry licence.

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