Green Beret Congressman Shreds Mark Milley on Eve of Retirement

[Photo Credit: By New America - Thomas B. Nachbar, Oren Gross, Michael Waltz, Orde Kittrie, CC BY 2.0,]

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) reportedly unleashed Thursday on outgoing Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley.

Milley is set to retire from his post as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Waltz went on to claim that Milley’s retirement ‘couldn’t come soon enough.’

The decorated combat veteran began by listing several ways he believed the United States military had strayed from its fundamental values and mission under Milley’s command.

“We have overwhelming evidence of indoctrination taking place within our ranks and at our military academies. Insane DEI programs are being forced on our troops that is infecting the merit based system,” Waltz continued.

He concluded by describing how he believed Milley, in conjunction with President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, had permitted a number of national security failures.

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