REPORT: Price of Gas Now Over Six Dollars a Gallon in Ultra-Liberal L.A.

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Gas prices in several Southern California counties have now reportedly risen to an average of more than $6 per gallon, the highest level in nearly a year.

Several reasons, including OPEC countries like Saudi Arabia cutting oil supply earlier this summer, have contributed to increased gas prices.

Beginning in July, the Saudis reduced oil output by one million barrels per day, causing crude oil prices to skyrocket.

According to AAA and Oil Price Information Service data, the average normal gasoline price in Los Angeles and Orange counties on Tuesday was more over $6 per gallon — $6.027 in Los Angeles County and $6.022 in Orange County.

It’s the first time the price has risen beyond $6 since October of last year.

Over the previous two months, average gas prices in both Southern California counties have risen by more than a dollar.

The average price in Ventura County is $6 a gallon, while prices in San Diego County average $5.947.

According to AAA, three California counties bordering Nevada have gas prices that are more than $6 per gallon: Alpine ($6.999), Mono ($6.508), and Inyo ($6.143).

The national average for gas is currently $3.88 per gallon, which is 20.3 cents higher than a year ago. In late June of last year, the national average set a new high of $5.016 per gallon.

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