Iran Frees Hostages After Biden Hands Over Billions

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According to a Qatari official, five Americans who had been arrested in Iran as part of a recent agreement between the Biden administration and Iran have reportedly been freed in exchange for billions of dollars in previously frozen assets.

Which cited a Qatari official, the five Americans are traveling from Tehran to Doha on a Qatari government jet together with some of their family members and the Qatari ambassador to Tehran.

The Biden administration agreed to transfer $6 billion in previously frozen assets to Tehran, along with a number of Iranian individuals, as part of a deal that has been criticized as a “ransom” payment by opponents.

Morad Tahbaz, Emad Shargi, and Siamak Namazi were three of the five Americans who had spent more than five years in detention. The two other detainees’ identities have not been made public.

Last Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken finalized the transfer of $6 billion to Qatar, the nation that will distribute the money back to Iran.

The $6 billion was given by the Biden administration with the understanding that it would be used for humanitarian help; but, this week, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that Tehran has the “authority” to utilize the funds however it sees fit, casting doubt on the terms of the agreement.

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