Prominent GOP Activist Stabbed to Death in Home

[Photo Credit: by Highway Patrol Images.]

Prominent conservative activist Alexander Talcott, 41, reportedly died at his house on Saturday morning from a neck stab wound.

An autopsy on the deceased has determined that the death, which was the subject of a suspicious death inquiry this weekend in Durham, New Hampshire, was a homicide.

According to a statement released by the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office on Sunday, Alexander Talcott, 41, died as a result of a neck stab wound. It was determined that he was murdered in order to die.

The attorney general’s office acknowledged Talcott was a Republican activist and lawyer through a spokeswoman.

Early on Saturday morning, Talcott’s Bennett Road residence was discovered to be empty. The attorney general’s office stated at the time that they were actively investigating a man’s mysterious death at the property, and there were multiple police vehicles on the scene.

The public is not currently in danger, according to authorities, and Talcott’s name wasn’t made public until Sunday, when they claimed to have identified everyone involved in the event.

Officials indicated that investigators are still examining the possibility that the person who stabbed Talcott was defending themselves.

Their identity has not been made public.

Talcott’s death is the subject of an ongoing inquiry; further details are not yet available.

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